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Year 6 in Action

Natural History Museum Trip 18.09.18
On Tuesday 18th September, we went on a school trip to the Natural History Museum to attend a workshop about volcanoes and earthquakes. After the workshop, we looked around at some of the exhibits. It was a great trip and we learnt lots more about our Natural Disasters topic.
Immersion Days 04.09.18 and 05.09.18
For our first two days of year 6, we did some immersion activities to do with our new "Conflict: Natural Disasters" topic. We imagined that there was an imminent volcanic eruption and had to design an emergency kit and conduct some research into volcanoes. On the second day, we created our own volcanoes and made them erupt using mentos and coke. We had to "evacuate" to high ground on the playground and create our own flags to try and get people to rescue us. It was great fun!
Transition Week 16.07.18
To start off transition week, we played a "getting to know you" game outside using the giant Jenga! On each piece of Jenga, there was a question that had to be answered about ourselves. It was quite tricky to keep the tower standing - it fell over about 5 times by the time we got round to everyone!
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