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Collective Worship

Collective worship – Roots and Fruits


This half-term we have started using Roots and Fruits for our collective worship.


Roots and Fruits provides creative collective worship for primary schools based in Christian values themes over a period of two years. Rooted in Bible teaching, twelve Christian values represent the fruit that grows as the teaching is lived out in everyday life.


The value for the Summer Term 1 is Service

and Summer Term 2 is Truthfulness


Service is…. 

Spending time on others 

Enjoying giving help 

Responsibility in action 

Volunteering willingly 

I second, you first 

Committing to a task 

Everyone offering their talents and gifts 


Father God 

Give us willing hearts to serve others with joy 

and bring them help and comfort. 

Give us humility to accept help and service from others 

with thankfulness and grace.  




Trustworthy words and actions 

Respect for doing the right thing 

Uncovering the full picture  

Telling it as it is 

Having all the facts 




God of truth, 

We thank you for the peace we feel when we are truthful, 

and the way you trouble us inside when we tell lies. 

Give us courage to be honest, whatever the cost. 


School Prayer



Give me eyes to see the beauty around me;

Give me ears that hear only what is true;

Give me lips which speak kind words;

Give me hands which will always work hard;

Give me a heart to be a loyal friend;

In Jesus’ name,


St. Marys White Waltham

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