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Directors and Members

Vision and Values of Ashley Hill Multi Academy Trust


Ashley Hill Multi Academy Trust is committed to securing the best outcome for every child in its schools within a learning environment characterised by a distinctive Christian ethos.

We value the uniqueness and individuality of every school in the Trust, encouraging each to develop to meet the particular needs of all its pupils and the community it serves, underpinned by a common commitment to work together, making full use of all the Trust's resources, to enhance the experience and opportunities of all.

In line with our core Christian beliefs and principles, we want each school to be an educational community where

•    all are welcome, whatever their cultural, ethnic or religious background;

•    all will flourish, with a particular focus on supporting any who are disadvantaged 

     culturally, socially, economically, physically, or in any other way;

•    all will have a life-enhancing encounter with the Christian faith;

•    each individual is encouraged and helped to discover and develop their God-given gifts 

     and talents to the fullest extent;

•    all will fulfill their potential in a way appropriate for their age, both academically and 

     as well-rounded, independent, emotionally mature individuals.

Meet the members


Rev. Will Stileman Member - Vicar of St Mary's Church, Maidenhead  
Rev. David Andrew Member 
Clive Haines Member - Chair of Directors
Gordon Joyner Member - Oxford Diocesan Board of Education Deputy Director, Resources

Our Board of Directors


Clive Haines Chair of Directors
  School Improvement Director
  Governor Bisham C of E Academy
Isabel Cooke Director
  CEO, Ashley Hill Multi Academy Trust
Cynthia Pitteway Director
  Chair of Governors Knowl Hill C of E Academy
Helen MacDonald Director
  Governor Knowl Hill C of E Academy
Hilary Hall Director and Academic Performance Officer
  Chair of Governors Bisham C of E Academy
Rev. David Andrew Admissions Director
Andy Eden Finance Director
  Responsible Officer
  Governor of White Waltham C of E Academy
Susannah Kemmis Director
  Legal Council