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Year 5 in Action

Science Project: The Circulatory System - 08.01.20 - 24.01.20
For this project, we have been learning about the circulatory system and how it works in our bodies. We have made diagrams of the different parts of the circulatory system, dissected real lambs' hearts, made fake blood and conducted an experiment to see how exercise affects our heart rate. The children really enjoyed this project and all of the practical elements within it!

Art Project: Tapestries 04.11.19 - 22.11.19


The children made a tapestry to show Joan of Arc's life, tying in with our biography lessons in English. The skills they learnt included appliqué and sewing; the stitches they have learned include backstitch, blanket stitch and french knot. During the project, the children looked at the Bayeux Tapestry and analysed it for inspiration before designing their own tapestry designs about Joan of Arc's life. They worked in small groups to create their images before putting the whole class' work together for the final tapestry.
History Project: The Anglo Saxons 14.10.19 - 25.10.19
We received a coded message from King Arthur and translated it to reveal that he needed us to find out who the Anglo-Saxons were and send him a report about them. During this topic, the children learnt about where the Saxons came from originally, what life was like in an Anglo-Saxon village and who they worshipped. We also had a visit from a metal-detector expert who taught us how artefacts are found.
DT Project: Trebuchets 23.09.19 - 11.10.19
In DT, we are learning about trebuchets. We have analysed how they work and learnt key terms such as pivot, fulcrum and lever. We have also designed and made prototypes and worked in teams to create our final working trebuchet. We had a set of criteria called a design specification that we had to work towards.
Warwick Castle Trip 24.09.19 - 25.09.19
We went to Warwick Castle and stayed overnight. During our trip, we learnt about different weapons such as swords and trebuchets and also how knights protected themselves with the armour they wore. We did some sword training and archery and got to see a bird show and a bowman show. We had a great time and are going to use what we have learnt for a non-chronological report in English and for our trebuchet DT project.
The Sword in the Stone 06.09.19
The children found a message from King Arthur asking them to prove whether or not they were ready to become Knights of his Round Table by pulling the sword from the stone. No-one managed to pull it free, but we talked about resilience and the importance of never giving up. Now, all of the children are knights-in-training and are determined to prove themselves as worthy knights!