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Welcome to Foundation




Week Beginning 16.7.2018

Welcome to big school!

I have had such fun meeting you all at nursery and can't wait for our first week at school together.  


Monday - first day at school!

Tuesday - new parent meeting and picnic 

Wednesday - 

Thursday -

Friday - no school



What is Doodle Maths?

NOTE TO FAMILIES -We announce the top 10 doodlers in collective worship on Fridays. 


I have also attached a parent handbook at the end of the webpage. 


What is Doodle Maths 

It is a website/app that helps consolidate and practice the mathematical development concepts that we teach in school. It is personalised and will generate questions that are relevant for your child based on the answers that they give. 

Is it compulsory?

In foundation it is not, however it is an excellent resource that the children really love to use! 

What are the added extras?

Teachers can upload and add additional questions and activities. We will be adding some that link to what we have been learning about in class. Look out for this on the homework grids. 

How can my child get help with Doodle Maths?

There is a help function at the top, the child can also ask for a hint. The questions can also be read to them. 

What will happen when they play?

They will unlock different games to play and earn stars. The children can then choose a Doodle Pet and then 'buy' accessories using the stars. 

Will it be checked?

The teachers have access to data that shows how often the children are accessing Doodle Maths and their progress. We will also celebrate top doodlers in Friday's collective worship. 

What if I need help with Doodle Maths?

Please come and ask one of the teachers at school and we will be happy to help you. 

What is the times table section?

This is mainly for the other classes but feel free to start learning your 1,2,5 and 10s!


Any more questions, please let me know


Characteristics Of Effective Learning



When your children start school we will introduce a new superhero for each area of learning. We will model to the children what each super hero does and will encourage this skill in the classroom. We will let you know which characteristic we will be focusing on.


We will teach the children play phrases to help them with their social skills and prepare them for dealing with friendship situations independently. We praise the children for using these phrases, which will be taught in September





The stars of the week are.........

The stars of the week are......... 1
The stars of the week are......... 2

Important Information For Families - documents and letters are added here