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Year 2

Welcome to the amazing Year 2 class page


Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely Christmas and are ready for 2018! 


This term we are learning about dinosaurs. We start off by looking at crocodiles, the closest living relative of the dinosaurs. Throughout the term we will be exploring these fascinating creatures across the curriculum. Our first three days will be spent immersing ourselves in the topic and we will be visiting World of Crocodiles the following week to learn more about them. 


Please keep your eye out for pictures and key information. 




The reading challenge has commenced again, children need to read four times a week for ten weeks to receive their reading badge at the end of term, please continue to record this in their partnership books. 

Upcoming Dates;

1st February - Dance Extravaganza 

Week Commencing 5th February 2018

Core Subject information.


In literacy we will be focusing on letter writing. Last week we were looking at the features of the genre and looking at writing sentences that fit the language. This week we will be using what we have learnt to write a letter to Steve the crocodile expert that visited our school. 


In maths we will be looking at shapes. We will start by looking at 2D shapes and then onto 3D shapes. We will be exploring the properties of these shapes and understanding the language used to describe their properties. 


Our literacy will be linking with geography where we are looking at the continents of the world. 

Doodle Maths:


To clarify, please allow your children to go onto the doodle maths on a regular basis, little and often is the aim. The are rewarded for going on the app on consecutive days. The aim behind the app is to build maths skills and the more often they complete work, and the more accurate they are, the harder the work becomes. 


You can also download the Doodle Maths Timestables app using the same username and password. 


I have added a couple of activities to support multiplication and division, which we are focusing on in class. 

Stars of the Week


Nihal and Scarlett 


Dojo Points Winner.



Look at what we have been doing!

Dance Extravaganza and RE lesson thinking about ways to look after the world

Dance Extravaganza and RE lesson thinking about ways to look after the world 1
Dance Extravaganza and RE lesson thinking about ways to look after the world 2
Dance Extravaganza and RE lesson thinking about ways to look after the world 3

Homework and Spellings


Doodle maths - online maths homework. Your child has a log in which was sent home. If you are having trouble logging in, please let me know. 

Spellings - The next test will be unit 7 on 22/1/17

Termly topic homework - this is attached below



Please feel free to come and ask me any questions or write them down in your child's partnership book.

Important Information and Resources


Here is a list of different websites and apps that I have found if you wish to do some extra practise at home. To follow a link, copy and paste it into the search bar.


Literacy/SPAG: - a game for practising adjectives.


Times Tables - quick-fire practise for all the different times tables. - a funny game that's good for practising your 5 and 3 times tables - a times tables game that gets you thinking about the relationship between the two numbers that are multiplied together


Maths - a hundred square that lets you splat numbers with different colours to help you see patterns. Really useful for number work. - a game that lets you practise measuring different obejcts and thinking about what equipment you need to use to measure.


Science - a fun game that lets you revise the properties of different materials.


Book Reviews