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Welcome to Year 3!

In year 3 this year is Miss Jennings and Ms Catana. 


In Year 3 this term our topic will be The Egyptians. We will be learning all about their way of life and also the kings and Pharaohs. We are very excited to be guiding your children through their learning journey, and look forward to hearing and developing their fantastic knowledge and ideas!


A massive congratulations to all of the children who competed in the semi-finals of Eisteddfod-you were all amazing! 


22.02.18- Work Viewing afternoon 1.30pm-4.00pm

23.02.18- Year 3 collective worship assembly 

28.02.18 - Eisteddfod final at Cox Green School

01.03.18 - World Book Day

09.03.18 - Mums in School Day

16.03.18 - Spellathon


29.03.18 - Last day of term





Week Commencing 19th February.

This fortnight's homework will be unit 10.


Important Information


The reading challenge will restart again for this term so please ensure that partnership books are up to date. To complete the reading challenge you need to read at home 4 times a week for ten weeks in order to earn the badge at the end of term. 



Well done to all of the children who are keeping busy on doodle maths. Please remember to use it as often as possible so that it can build your doodle age to be as accurate as possible and give questions accordingly. 

Dance Extravaganza! 

Wow! The extravaganza was absolutely amazing. The children worked so hard and looked very professional in their costumes! They loved the evening and I hope that you did too!  

Core Subject Information



For this week we will be revising and embedding our knowledge in multiplication and division methods. We will also be completing an investigation in which we will be spotting patterns and using our knowledge of times tables to help us apply our learning to other methods.



For English this week we will be continuing our genre of leaflets. We will be editing work to up skill our writing and then researching and producing a leaflet at the end of the week to persuade people to come and visit either the step pyramids or the pyramids of Giza. 



We will be linking our reading to leaflets and practising the reading skill of skimming and scanning. This is when you search a text for a keyword or part of a question to help you to find answers easier. We will be answering specific question styles, such as true or false and fact retrieval.  

Continuous Provision.

In Year three we are building a culture where it is absolutely OK to make mistakes. We look at children's learning at the end of every day and have debates and discuss our ideas. We celebrate other children for making mistakes because we are so thankful to them for helping us learn. You might see some mistakes in our work below in the gallery, but we work independently in continuous provision and chose our own resources to use. The teachers are always very proud of us no matter if we got the exactly correct answer or not! Often the teachers like to celebrate that we managed to find a way of independently  solving a problem more than the answer itself. 


What we have been doing this week

What we have been doing this week 1 Photo montage of our Sikhism in the community work
What we have been doing this week 2 Henry and Abi using excellent reasoning!
What we have been doing this week 3 Emily using prepositions in her sentences.

Stars of the Week

Abi and Blake

Dojo Points Winner


Eisteddfod Poems

Homework and Spellings

This fortnight's home work will be unit 8. 



General Information

Here is a list of different websites that I have found if you wish to do some extra practise at home. - a times tables game that gets you thinking about the relationship between the two numbers that are multiplied together - a hundred square that lets you splat numbers with different colours to help you see patterns. Really useful for number work. - an interactive game for telling the time and solve word problems involved time - A great game to help finding the better deal in shopping - an interesting and fun activity with 10 questions / set - spelling and grammar games of your choice - a tablet friendly game using all 4 operations

Book Reviews


One of my favourite stories is Esio Trot by Roald Dahl. If any of you have read it, why not write a review for me to put on the website! 




Year 3's Book recommendations