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Welcome to Year 3!

In year 3 this year is Miss Jennings and Ms Catana. 


In Year 3 this term our topic will be How To Train Your Dragon! We will be learning all about The Vikings and also looking at the movie and book too. We are very excited to be guiding your children through their learning journey, and look forward to hearing and developing their fantastic knowledge and ideas!





Week Commencing 18th September


We had an amazing 3 days introducing ourselves to The Vikings and finding out more about how they lived and worked. We loved our trip to Ufton Court and enjoyed looking at artefacts, raiding the Saxons and voyaging to lots of different countries! We are looking forward to exploring more about The Vikings in the coming weeks. 

Important Information

Some key dates for your diary: 




The reading challenge will commence again this term, so please ensure that partnership books are up to date. To complete the reading challenge you need to read at home 4 times a week for ten weeks in order to earn the badge at the end of term. 

Core Subject Information


We will be developing our knowledge of place value this week. We will be continuing to explore three digit numbers and will be looking at mentally adding ten and hundreds to these numbers.



This week we will be continuing to look at the genre of fact files. We will plan and research information about the Viking raids, ready to create another of our own Viking fact files. Then we will be practising our neatest writing and copying up our hard work for display.



We will be linking our reading to our writing and continue to study fact files. We will be focussing on withdrawing information from texts and forming answers with lots of detail in them. 

What we have been doing this week

Stars of the Week


Jacob and Eleanor


Dojo Points Winner


Rollover! We will see next week who has accumulated the most points!

Homework and Spellings

All homework information in partnership books. 




General Information

Here is a list of different websites that I have found if you wish to do some extra practise at home. - a times tables game that gets you thinking about the relationship between the two numbers that are multiplied together - a hundred square that lets you splat numbers with different colours to help you see patterns. Really useful for number work. - an interactive game for telling the time and solve word problems involved time - A great game to help finding the better deal in shopping - an interesting and fun activity with 10 questions / set - spelling and grammar games of your choice - a tablet friendly game using all 4 operations

Book Reviews


One of my favourite stories is Esio Trot by Roald Dahl. If any of you have read it, why not write a review for me to put on the website! 




Year 3's Book recommendations