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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Our topic this term will be ‘Weddings’, with a special focus on the upcoming Royal Wedding.  The children will be learning about weddings, celebrations and festivals in different cultures and religions. 


Doodlemaths- please allow your children to go on doodlemaths on a regular basis. The aim behind the app is to build maths skills and the more often they complete work, and the more accurate they are, the harder the work becomes. Please let your children complete the questions independently, otherwise the work will become too hard. I have added a few activities to consolidate the work we are doing in class. 


Please work with your children on their phonics sounds, as well as identifying real and silly words in preparation for the Phonics Screening Test in June. 



Miss Bond and Miss Sawdon


Upcoming Dates





Wednesday 25th April 2018- Parents evening.

Thursday 26th April 2018- Parents evening.

Friday 27th April 2018- 'Walk the Plank' challenge!

Core Subject Information 23.04.18



Over the next two weeks, we will be focussing on the book "The Scarecrow's Wedding." This week, we will be looking at descriptions of the characters and settings within the book. We will ensure our sentences are correctly punctuated with capital letters and full stops, and we will try to make our sentences more interesting by using adjectives.



This week we will start with a recap of counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We will then move on to learning the foundations of multiplication. We will begin by making and adding equal groups, before making arrays. We will be writing these equations as repeated addition sums. 



RE is our block over the next two weeks. We will be learning about promises and in what stories they appear in the Christian and Sikhism.

Look at what we have been doing!


Making our wedding dresses!

Making our wedding dresses! 1
Making our wedding dresses! 2
Making our wedding dresses! 3

Stars of the Week

Lexie-Mai and Daisy

Dojo Points Winner.



Spellings and Homework



Unit 12 will the next unit tested. 


Doodle Maths

Doodle Maths logins have all been sent home so please look out for them! We will be working on time over the coming weeks, however, I suggest your child works through place value and shape as it will further embed their knowledge. 


I have set some 'added extras' onto doodle maths as homework for your child to work through that links to the maths topics we have been looking at this term.



Termly Topic Homework

Book Reviews

Book: Tom and the Dinosaur Egg

Author: Ian Beck


What is the book about?

It is about a boy who finds a dinosaur egg. - Emily

He takes it back to his lighthouse to look after it. -Arthur

But has to take it home when it gets too big. - Ailsa


Who is your favourite character?

Tom because he knows what is right. -William

Tom because he is a little bit crazy. -Bea


What is your favourite part of the book?

I like the first part where Tom finds the egg. It is exciting! -Isla

I like the end, where the dinosaur is back with his mummy and daddy. -Anna


How many stars would you give it out of 5?

Everyone in the class thought it deserved 5 stars because it teaches us how to be a good friend.


Important Information