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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 

I hope everyone has had a fantastic half term. This term our topic will be Hoist the Sail, we will be building boats in DT  and learning about transporting food from different countries in Geography.

Christian Value


Our Christian value this term is Thankfulness.

Week beginning: Monday 25th June

Core Subject Information



This week we will be finishing our tests and recapping Relative clauses. 


This week we will be finishing off our tests and going over our mistakes. 



Continuing our new topic 'Hoist the sail' we will be creating our own boats out of recycling and featuring a paddle. Any Recycling and Polystryene is welcome.

Upcoming Events:



Fortnightly story competition: Monday 25th June. 

P.E is on a Monday and Thursday afternoon 

Book review

Book review by Lottie

Stars of the Week 

Mercy for her constant helpful attitude and Polly for her fantastic diary entry.

Dojo Point Winner 


Our Dojo winner this week is Lottie

Homework, Spellings, and Reading logs.




Monday 2nd July: Testing on unit 16 in the partnership book.


Reading is an important skill, it expands our imagination and can bring us lots of enjoyment. As a school we want to encourage and  develop a love of reading for all of our pupils. To encourage this, we award a termly reading badge to those children who read at least 4 x a week over a 10 week period. Please record any reading in the Partnership book. 

Story Competition. 


In order to encourage the children's imagination I have decided to run a fortnightly story competition, with small prizes for the best story. 

This fortnights theme is about a sea based adventure. 


The next story is due in on the 25th June. 


The story can be typed or written and may include pictures. 


Miss H

Additional Activities. 


Following on from our conversations at parents evening, I thought that uploading the optional additional Maths, S.P.A.G and Reading comprehensions would be the most efficient way. These activities are not compulsory and you may feel its best to only pick out the activities your child needs to focus on. 


I will upload a new piece regularly, with the next pieces coming out on Friday the 11th of May.

Year 4 writing checklist



Important information

As requested, here is a link to 100 best reads for 9-11 year olds. I hope this is helpful for choosing books that your children will enjoy.

Please check this page regularly for book recommendations from the class.