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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section.

Governor's Welcome


I would like to welcome you and your family to our school.  White Waltham C of E Academy is a unique and special place where we nurture children from their first experience of education on their journey to become lifelong learners.


Every child is different and we work in partnership with parents to develop each individual to reach their full potential.


As the chair of governors I have been involved with White Waltham for a number of years and have watched it grow and develop into the outstanding school that it is today.  With our rapidly changing environment I am confident that we can play our part in preparing our children for their future to be responsible, creative, well educated adults with a strong Christian ethos.


Chris Ford

Chair of Governors

Picture 1 Governor Linda Jones meeting with children

Governor Comments

Dance Extravaganza

What a fantastic show, the children excelled themselves. It’s superb that such young children can perform, along with introducing each dance themselves, in front of such a large audience. The costumes and props were very creative. A big well done to all the children and congratulations must be given to all the staff for their hard work and dedication, which was certainly evident. Julia Hodgson


It was another evening of great performances from the children, this year including Bisham as well as Knowl Hill and White Waltham. It's quite a logistical feat and I feel proud that the Trust can put on such an event and for it to run so smoothly. It was clear just how much work had gone into all the routines and it's a credit to everyone's hard work that all the children joined in enthusiastically and put on a remarkable show for the parents. Chris Ford


Congratulations to all involved in the dance extravaganza. It was very entertaining and had obviously involved a lot of hard work from all the staff and children. All the children were very well behaved, knew where to go and performed with enthusiasm and the choreography was excellent too. Andy Eden


As a new governor, this was my first Dance Extravaganza and I was very impressed. Working as a teacher for many years and producing a number of dramatic performances, I know how much hard work and commitment such an enterprise requires. Every child seemed to be enjoying this, so important at a time when Arts subjects are under threat at Secondary level. Well done to everyone for a great evening. Anne Crittenden


Collective Worship

It can be difficult to assess the extent to which the experiences provided by the school help the children in our care to fulfil their potential to become well rounded, independent emotionally mature individuals. The class led Collective Worship is one of the simplest and best ways to evaluate this. British and Christian values almost oozed out of the hall that morning. Linda Jones



Meet our Governors

Meet our Governors 1 Chris Ford - Chair of Governors
Meet our Governors 2 Suzie Henwood - Parent Governor
Meet our Governors 3 Lisa Knill - Governor
Meet our Governors 4 Linda Jones - Governor
Meet our Governors 5 Abigal Palmer-Page - Parent Governor
Meet our Governors 6 Julia Hodgson - Foundation Governor
Meet our Governors 7 Alison Mills - Vice-Chair of Governors
Meet our Governors 8 Myles Woodhouse - Non - Teaching Staff Governor
Meet our Governors 9 Anne Crittenden - Foundation Governor

Our Governing Body

  • Chris Ford - Chair of Governors and Director of Ashley Hill Multi Academy Trust
  • Alison Mills - Vice Chair of Governors
  • Andy Eden - Responsible Officer
  • Lisa Knill - Governor
  • Isabel Cooke - CEO
  • Linda Jones - Governor
  • Andy Eden - Governor
  • Myles Woodhouse - Non Teaching Staff Governor
  • Matt Thompson - Head of School
  • Julia Hodgson - Foundation Governor
  • Suzie Henwood - Parent Governor
  • Abigail Palmer-Page - Parent Governor
  • Anne Critteden - Foundation Governor


Governor Roles

  • SEN Governor - Lisa Knill
  • Health & Safety Governor - Lisa Knill
  • Child Protection - Lisa Knill


Supporting Staff

  • Carolyn Thompson - Business Manager, Ashley Hill Multi Academy Trust
  • Kirsty Freebody - Clerk to the Governors, Ashley Hill Multi Academy Trust
  • Chris Hodgson - Finance Officer, Ashley Hill Multi Academy Trust


Committee Structure

We have three Committee's of Governors who meet on an ad-hoc basis when needed as follows:-


Admissions Committee                       Appeals Committee                          Staffing Committee

Isabel Cooke                                          Andy Eden                                           Chris Ford

Myles Woodhouse                                 Knowl Hill Governors                           Lisa Knill           

Julia Hodgson                                                                                                     Alison Mills

                                                                                                                            Linda Jones


Governor Date of Appointment and Term of Office

All Governors were re-elected at the commencement of the Ashley Hill Multi Academy Trust for a four year term of office (September 2014 to August 2018).


How to contact our Governing Body

If you would like to contact the Governing Body, please address your letter to the Chair of Governors, c/o White Waltham CE Academy, Waltham Road, White Waltham, SL6 3SG.

Governors Attendance Register

Please find below the Governors Attendance Register for 2016-2017. The key is as follows:-

  • P - Present
  • A - Absent
  • - Absence not sanctioned by the Governing Body
  • N/A - Not required at the meeting
  • MAT - Maternity Leave


Name of Governor 27.09.16 17.11.16 24.01.17 22.05.17
Chris Ford P P P P
Alison Mills P P P A
Suzie Henwood P P P P
Julia Hodgson P P P P
Andy Eden A A P A
Linda Jones P P P P
Lisa Knill P P P P
Myles Woodhouse P P P P
Abigail Palmer-Page P P P P
Isabel Cooke P P P P
Matt Thompson P P P P
Carolyn Thompson N/A N/A P P
Kirsty Freebody P P P P
Chris Hodgson N/A P P A


Governor Business Interests

Relationships between Governors and members of the school

Governor visit forms can be requested from the school office.