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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Hello and welcome to Year 6!


My name is Mrs Bain and I am the Year 6 teacher this year, supported by Miss Horrocks and Mrs WG. Your children will also be taught PE and RE by Mr Thompson, PE by Mr Chotalia and science by Mrs Mitchell. Our PE days this term are on a Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, although please make sure that your child's PE kit is in school at all times.


This term, we are learning about natural disasters, including volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and anything else that interests the children about our topic. We have an exciting trip to the Natural History Museum planned as well as some fun immersion day activities at the start of the term. 


Please continue to check this website each week to keep updated on things such as homework and events, as well as to see photos of what the children have been learning each week.


Mrs Bain :)




Important Dates

02.10.18 Individual & sibling school photographs

17.10.18 Target evening, 5.00 to 7.30

18.10.18 Target evening, 5.00 to 7.30

22.10.18 Half Term

Week Commencing 24th September 2018 

Subject information



We are learning about persuasive writing this week and will be working towards writing a persuasive speech to try and send money to a developing country after they have experiences a natural disaster. The features we will be working on are repetition, emotive language, rhetorical questions and anticipating opposing views. In SPaG, we will be learning about subordinating conjunctions and what a subordinate clause is.


Guided Reading

Our guided reading skill is inference, focusing on a character's thoughts and emotions. This week, our main focus is supporting our inferences with evidence from the text using selective quotes. This is quite a hard skill to master so we will be doing lots of practise!



In maths, we are going to be moving on to learning about decimal numbers. At the beginning of the week, we will be reviewing place value and how we order and compare decimal numbers. Then, we will be moving on to adding and subtracting decimals before conducting an investigation outside towards the end of the week.


Design Technology

We are going to be learning about earthquake resistant houses and working towards building and testing our own structures. This week, we will be discussing how experts make earthquake resistant housing across the world, comparing richer and poorer countries. We will then be designing, making and testing different prototypes using materials such as bamboo, dowling and even spaghetti! By the end of the week, we will have discussed and decided on what materials are the most suitable and why, ready to design and build our final product next week.



This term, the children are learning about Earth and Space. This week, they will be learning about the solar system and thinking about the nine planets in relation to each other before conducting some research to learn more about them.

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Stars of the Week 

Picture 1 For her infectious attitude towards learning.
Picture 2 For his mature attitude since starting Year 6.

Dojo Points Winner

Picture 1

What we got up to last week

Below is a selection of photos from the past week. More photos can be found under the Class Galleries tab at the top of the page.
Picture 1 Natural History Museum trip!
Picture 2 Enjoying our school trip
Picture 3 Investigating in maths

Homework and Spellings

Maths Homework

Each child is given a maths homework booklet at the start of each new term. Within the booklet, there are approximately 6 or 7 units and each unit has two sections to be completed. Section A is arithmetic questions, section B is problem-solving questions and both sections need to be completed. The due in dates for each unit is at the front of the booklet. The cycle for each unit is two weeks. Homework is handed out on the Monday of the first week and the children have until the following Monday to complete the unit and hand their homework in. I will then have a week to mark and go through the homework with your child. The cycle then starts again with the booklet being handed out the next Monday. For example:


Monday 10th September: Maths homework booklet goes home. A full week to complete Unit 1, sections A and B.

Monday 17th September: Maths homework booklet is handed into school, with Unit 1 sections A and B both completed.

Monday 24th September: Maths homework booklet goes home, with sections A and B marked. A full week to complete Unit 2, sections A and B.


If your child struggles with their maths homework, please write a note either on the homework or in the partnership book - I am always happy to go through the work with the children. Sometimes, children think that they will be in trouble at school if they're unable to complete their homework. If your child feels this way, please reassure them that this is not the case and that an adult is more than happy to work with them on anything they don't understand.


Spellings Homework

At the front of your child's partnership book there will be a list of spellings to show your child's spellings homework throughout the year. Each week, your child will have a new set of spellings to learn which are based upon a particular spelling rule. These spellings will be tested each Friday, meaning children now have a week to learn their spellings rather than a fortnight. The learning of the spellings will be supported through daily work each day in school, as well as interventions for some children. On a Friday, spellings will be marked and the scores from the spellings test will be recorded in the partnership book. At the end of each full term, children who receive an overall percentage of 85% or more will receive a certificate. There are ideas for practising spellings in different ways in the document "Spelling Practise Ideas" which can be found below.


Project Homework

Each term, your child will need to complete a project based on our current topic. There will be a variety of different projects to choose from and your child will be encouraged to pick one that they are both interested in and that they think will challenge them. At the end of each term, this homework will be due in to school and we will celebrate the project in class. This will be through verbal feedback from both myself and their peers. Videos/photos of this happening will be put up onto tapestry/the school website.


Extra Information about Homework

Homework will be explained in detail during the Parents' Information Evening on Wednesday 12th September. If you're unable to attend, please let me know and I will get all of the information to you.


If homework is handed in late, your child will still need to complete it. This is likely to be during a lunch time or break time, unless there are exceptional circumstances. In Year 6, children are told that they are responsible for their own homework and for handing it in, preparing them for secondary school.


If your child finishes their homework before it's due in, they can bring it into school and pop it in the homework box. Homework will still be handed back at the expected date.


If you ever have any questions about a piece of homework, please let me know by either writing a message in the partnership book or by emailing me.


Important Information

Book Reviews
In Year 6, we love to read! As a class, we are currently reading Wonder by R J Palacio but we like to read lots in our spare time too. Below are some book reviews that we have written. You can find even more in the Book Nook at the back of the classroom.
Picture 1

A Book Review of Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman

Reviewed by Mahera


Star Rating: **** and 1/2 


Main Character:

Lyra is a very happy girl. She has lots of friends and is very trustworthy. She has lived in Jordon College her whole life but when children go missing, she moves.



Lyra goes up North to find missing children but when she's up there, she finds out that her uncle is her dad and he had been captured by bears.


Your Opinion:

I think it is a good book because it has lots of adventure in it. It follows on into two other books called Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass.



I recommend this book to people who like adventure books from ages 9 and over because it is a very long book.


Picture 1

A Book Review of Alex Rider Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

Reviewed by Nathan


Star rating: **** and 1/2


Main character:

Alex is a small suspicion when it comes to spying but he is the best spy possible.



After the death of his uncle, the 14-year-old school boy Alex is forced by the Special Ops Division of the UK's Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, into a mission which will save millions of lives.


Your Opinion:

I think it is quite good as it is action-packed all the way through and quite funny. Altogether, it is a very good book.



I would say this is more for boys as there's quite a lot of deaths around. Around a 12 year old in age, but if younger children want to read it should be alright.