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White Waltham CofE Academy

Ashley Hill MAT

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Ashley Hill

Multi Academy Trust

Collective Worship

Roots and Fruits

'A tree is known by its fruit'

Matthew 12.33


Our Christian Collective Worship is based on Roots and Fruits. It is rooted in Bible teaching and twelve Christian values represent the fruit that grows as the teaching is lived out in every day life. Each term focuses on one value (theme) which links with the season of the Church year. 


It ensures that collective worship is in line with The Evaluation Schedule for expectations of school worship by:

*inspiring and transformational 
*includes a range of creative opportunities, e.g. music, silence, symbol, drama
*develops the Christian vision, values and ethos of the school


Each term our entries into our Spiritual Journals allow us to explore each theme in more detail giving opportunity for personal expression and further questioning. 

School Prayer


Dear Lord,

We look for your guidance and you show us the way

We learn to show kindness and cherish the day

Through your service we love the world that you hold

And you give us the tools to be great and be bold

We encourage one another and build each other up

In the name of Jesus and in the love of God


Space Makers


Space Makers is a resource for schools and churches from the Diocese of Oxford. Accessible to pupils of all faiths and worldviews, five contemplative practices help schools to embrace some of the ancient wisdom of the Christian tradition and, in doing so, assist children to navigate the world around them. Climate anxiety and the vast increase in screen time and exposure to social media seem to be causes of deteriorating mental health in young people.


The ancient contemplative traditions of Christianity, like its secular cousin ‘mindfulness’, have a lot to offer at this time. Space Makers brings five contemplative practices into the life of our schools.

St Mary's Church - White Waltham