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STEM week - Creating our own brush cleaning machines

STEM week - Analysing current brush cleaning machines

Science - This week we had a special visit from a member of the Maidenhead Astronomical Society. He discussed the scale of the planets in relation to the sun and also the scale of our sun compared to others in the galaxy we also discussed the Parker solar probe that is tracing the flow of energy on the sun

Moon Rocks - We have been very fortunate to have bee loaned some actual real life moon rocks the children conducted a classification exercise to identify which object were fragments of Asteroids and the hold and look at rocks retrieved from the moon

Science - In Science we have been looking at how the planets move in relation to the sun and went out onto the playground to see this in practise

Special visitor - we were fortunate enough to be visited by a member of the Endurace22 expedition where they uncovered the location of the Endurance at nearly 10,000 below sea level

Tyre dragging activity

Hampton Court Palace trip - learning about Tudor explorers and the goods they traded in

Our artwork showing the impact deforestation has had on the natural habitats of the orangutans

Creating self portraits in the style of Han Holbein

In RE we looked at what characteristics make a good Christian and which characteristics were most valuable to us

In Science this week we labelled the different components of heart and dissected them to measure the ventricular walls

In History we created freeze frames of the execution of a heretic

Archaeological dig at Hooke Court

Tudor Games

Looking at Tudor fashion and posing for portraits at Hooke Court

Trying out some Tudor recipes at Hooke Court

History How did Henry VII come into power

Immersion week


This week we immersed ourselves in various activities related to our new topic 'Off with their heads!' Tudor children would have used a hornbook to learn to read and one of our activities included making our own version of this.

We created a family tree for the Tudor family starting with Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York. We tried out some Tudor dancing alongside traditional music, made Tudor inspired jewellery and even baked some Bosworth Jumble biscuits which tasted amazing unfortunately I burnt half of them (sorry). Please take some time to look at some photos of our week.

Tudor timelines and hornbooks

Tudor dancing and coat of arms