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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Hi Year 3,


I have been so proud of you so far this school year. You came back to school with a fantastic attitude and you have worked hard throughout the last term. Home learning can be challenging at times so I want you all to remember how amazing you all are and to always give tasks a go and please put your best effort into your work. 



Each day new lessons will be uploaded to one note. Each lesson will have a set of instructions and will have videos or PowerPoints to help the children with their learning.


The timetable below is a suggestion for how you can organise your day. This is a helpful way to make sure you have enough time for lessons and get enough breaks in the day. I understand that it is not always possible to follow this timetable so please only do what is reasonable for you. 



Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Here are some instructions to help you with one note. These instructions will stay on one note throughout home learning so you can always refer back to them when necessary. 


OneNote Class Notebook Tutorial - YouTube

Each day I will be uploading Daily 5 maths questions. These are optional and the cover maths questions based on any topic we have learnt this year so far. 


Each day there will also be a half hour PE session with Mr Edwards. Each Monday there will be exercises to complete and an exercise chart has been added at the bottom of this page for you to complete. This chart is only completed on Mondays. Each Monday you can try and beat your score from the previous week. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there will be different sessions for you to complete. 


At the end of Monday - Thursday there will be a story time. On one note there is a link to PowerPoint with our class story. Each day I will be reading a new section of the book for you. You can either listen to me reading the book or you can join in too - it is up to you. I hope you enjoy the story. 


Once a week  (1-1.30pm)I will also be doing a zoom call with a group of children from the class. I will be letting you know what day your child will be taking part as soon as possible.


Collective worship -

If you click on this link above, it will take you to the collective worship page. At the top of the page is the timetable of collective worships for the week. There are also different songs the children can sing on Tuesday collective worships.



Collective Worship - Mr Thompson


This week you will be writing a letter pretending to apply for a job as an astronaut. Today you will be conducting some research about astronauts. You will be finding out what it is like to be an astronaut and what skills, traits and qualifications you need to become an astronaut. 



In today's math lesson you will continue to learn how to divide a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. You will be using your knowledge form last week to support your work. 


Guided reading

Today you will be completing a reading comprehension based on Earth. There will be a text for you to read and some questions to answer based on what you have read. 



Today you will be learning about migration. You will find out what migration is and about the push/pull factors that would make someone want to leave or move to a new place. 




Story time



Collective Worship - singing


Today you will be using your new knowledge from your research to answer questions about being an astronaut. These questions will help you to think about the different reasons you will include in your letter to NASA.



In Maths today you will be learning how to divide a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number with a remainder. 


Guided reading

Today will be the next lesson on our class book. Today you will be listening to the next chapter of the book and answering questions based on the chapter. 



Today you will be using your new knowledge of Russia and America to plan a fact file comparing the two countries. You will also have the chance to edit and check your work.




Story time



Collective Worship - Mrs Bourner


Today you will be writing the introductory paragraph of your letter to NASA. You will be using your new skills from last week to write the opening paragraph.



Today you will be learning how to use multiplication to work out how many ways objects can be matched.


Guided reading

Today you will be completing a reading comprehension about Mars. There will be a text for you to read and some questions to answer based on the text.



Today you will be continuing your plan/draft your fact file comparing America and Russia. 





Story time



Collective Worship - Mrs Morel


In today's lesson you will be writing the rest of your letter to NASA. You will be writing the main body and the concluding paragraph of your letter. 



Today, you will be applying your new multiplication and division skills to problem solving questions. 


Guided reading

Today you will be creating a holiday brochure based on a section of our class story. 



Today you will be writing up your fact file in neat. You will need to think of the different ways to engage the reader, such as colour and presenting the information clearly. 





Story time



Collective Worship - Mr Thompson

Maths test

A maths test has been uploaded to one note and it is based on the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables. If you would like to challenge yourself you can see how many you can do in ten minutes. 


Spelling test

Today the children will also be doing their spelling test. This week the spelling test will be delivered through a dictation. A paragraph will be provided and it will include the different spellings for this week. The children need to listen to each sentence from the paragraph and write down what they can hear, focusing on spellings and punctuation.



Today you will be learning about the Hindu places of pilgrimage. You will also be exploring the different reasons why people choose to participate in pilgrimages.  


Exercise chart for Monday PE

How to log onto Epic

Important Information


Here are your spellings for the week:







When practising your spellings, use one of these techniques to help you: 

  • Putting the words into sentences 
  • Drawing a picture to represent the word 
  • Look, cover, write, check 

Or you can use any different methods that help you.  


Star of the week!

Austin and Willow!


Please click the link below to see the Parent Information Evening presentation for this year.

Christian Value

Our Christian value this term is Courage.

Year 3 Spellings list