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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Week beginning Monday 5th July


This week, the class will be taking part in different writing challenges. 



This week, the class will continue learning about the time. 



This week we will be focusing on our dance and singing. 

Maths Homework:

The maths homework will continue to be added to the website and this will be uploaded each Monday. 


There will also be guided reading homework which will be uploaded once every 2 weeks. The answers have also been attached so it can be marked at home (this homework can also be sent in after the 2 weeks if you would like me to have a look at the homework as well). There are different versions of the reading comprehension that you can choose for your child to work through (they only need to complete one). 


If your child is finding the text a challenge, the text can be broken down into smaller sections. They can then go through any words that they do not know the meaning of (they could also write down the meaning of these words to help them when they read through the text again).  They can then read through the text again.

Here is a video to show you how to log on to one note. 


OneNote Class Notebook Tutorial - YouTube

How to log onto Epic

Well being activities

Important Information

Times tables

Please make sure you are practising your times table every week. This could be just a 5 minute practise a day and you can choose how to practise them. You could play a game or go back over any times tables you have found tricky. 


Here are the spellings for the week:










When practising your spellings, use one of these techniques to help you: 

  • Putting the words into sentences 
  • Drawing a picture to represent the word 
  • Look, cover, write, check 

Or you can use any different methods that help you.  



Please click the link below to see the Parent Information Evening presentation for this year.

Christian Value

Our Christian value this term is respect.

Year 3 Spellings list