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Ashley Hill

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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Our learning last week:

In English last week we finished writing our information texts about volcanoes, rivers or waterfalls. We used our research to help us create paragraphs with technical vocabulary, commas in lists, questions and varied word choices. 


In maths we finished our unit on time. We learnt about duration of events and practised ordering different lengths, including days, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds. We also learnt to convert between different units of time, finding out facts about how many hours are in days, how many days are in different months and more!


In D+T we finished our project- creating a rainforest creature which includes a pneumatic system to open and close a hinge. We added lots of features and decoration onto our creatures, such as eyes, tails, legs and ears! Finally, we added the syringes and tubing to make them open and close.


In PE, we have started choreographing our dance for the end of year production. We have enjoyed learning the songs to go alongside this and can't wait for the show now! Additionally, we have begun an athletics unit. This will help us to get ready for sports day later in the term.


In science, we continued our topic on the states of matter. We reflected on our experiments from before half term and set up a final experiment to test the rate of water evaporation in different temperatures. 




Writing Competition

We are once again running a writing competition within school. Children have started to write their own stories, which may be loosely based on the concept of Aladdin if children choose. They are able to continue this story at home over half term and can bring their finished story in on Monday 3rd June. The writing competition is optional but must be completed independently. Children can write or type their story, with the maximum length being 2 sides of A4.