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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Week beginning: Monday 14th October

 Over the past week we have been writing a fact file on Warwick Castle and exploring Motte and Bailey Castles. 

 We have had a very creative week making Motte and Bailey castle models! The children have also been identifying the different features of a Motte and Bailey as well as comparing this to modern stone castles. 




Please ensure that your child has a fruit/vegetable snack to eat after break time. After Year 2 pupils no longer get given fruit for their break time snack.

Please also ensure that your child has a bottle of water with them as well to keep hydrated throughout the school day.

Our trip to Warwick Castle

Our trip to Warwick Castle  1
Our trip to Warwick Castle  2
Our trip to Warwick Castle  3
Our trip to Warwick Castle  4
Our trip to Warwick Castle  5
Our trip to Warwick Castle  6
Our trip to Warwick Castle  7
Our trip to Warwick Castle  8

Subject Information



We have PE on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Please ensure your child has their PE kit every day. We will be going outside so please make sure your children have jumpers and tracksuit bottoms the colder weather. In PE with me Year 3 are doing some squire training and with Mr Edwards they are exploring tag rugby skills. 




We are writing letters this week in English.  




This week in maths we are focusing on column subtraction and doing a lot of times table practice!







Important Dates


Monday 14th- Homework due back in

Friday 18th- Week 6 Spellings test 

Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th- Parent target evening

Friday 25th- Break up for half term







Maths homework will be given out every other Monday and is due in the following Monday starting from the 9th of September. It will be a mixture of times tables questions, number bond questions and two challenge questions. 




Spellings will be given out on weekly basis and there will be a spellings test every Friday.I have added the Year 3 spellings list down below. This week we are practising spellings from Week 6. 




Please make a note in the Partnership Book when your child reads at home. If your child has read four times consecutively in the week they will receive a note in the partnership book and a stamp or sticker!




Year 3 Spellings list

Our weekly Class Mascot winner


This week our Class Mascot winner is Isla for being a wonderful and helpful friend- well done Isla!





Stars of the Week


This week our stars of the week are:


Diya- for her hard work and perseverance in maths.

Arthur- for his contribution to class discussion and wonderful ideas in English.



Well done guys!




Dojo Points Winner


This week our Dojo Points winner is Anna- well done!



General Information


Parents information evening power point - a times tables game that gets you thinking about the relationship between the two numbers that are multiplied together - a hundred square that lets you splat numbers with different colours to help you see patterns. Really useful for number work. - an interactive game for telling the time and solve word problems involved time - A great game to help finding the better deal in shopping - an interesting and fun activity with 10 questions / set - spelling and grammar games of your choice - a tablet friendly game using all 4 operations