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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


Hi everyone, 

It was so good to see most of you at school this week! I really enjoyed seeing you and am looking forward to our next week together!


Home learning will look the same as last week. We will still be focusing on transition activities. Those of you who are not attending school, there are some activities you can complete at home. The children who will be in school please do not complete the transition activities as we will be doing them in class. 


Remember to bring a pencil case on the days you are in school!



Miss Bond

:) x

Austin's bike jump

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Vivaan's day out!

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Austin's disappearing spelling

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Jana playing a maths game!

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Keep sending me photographs of your work that you complete from home! If you can't seem to save it on Purple Mash, just email me at



Week Commencing 13th July


Remember to keep active during isolation, here are a few options to try but if you prefer having a kick about or going for a walk then continue doing what you love!

Kids Zumba 

Whole school 5 minute moves from the body coach for school

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Family cardio workout



RWI Phonics lessons at home
Free Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on
 Youtube for children to watch at home; three short Speed Sound lessons every day.

From Monday 23rd March and for the next two weeks, films will show at the times below and be available for 24 hours.

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am
  • Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am
  • Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am



In maths this week we are focusing completely on time. Remember, please do not complete the activities for the days you are at school, otherwise, you will be doing the same thing twice!


Monday- Telling the time to five minutes

Tuesday- Hours and days

Wednesday is your challenge day! Please find your challenge below. 

Thursday- Duration of time

Friday- Comparing duration of time




This week in literacy we will be doing different activities based around another story. Have a read below.


Once upon a time, there was a pirate princess called Sayeeda who lived on a pirate galleon with her pirate family. Sayeeda loved to spend her days looking at all the beautiful treasure the pirates had stolen as they sailed the seven seas. There were golden brooches, pearl rings and ruby bracelets but, most of all, she loved to open her very own treasure box. 


One breezy, sunny morning, Sayeeda sat on deck with the treasure box in her hands. "Don't open your treasure box on deck," warned her father. "It's a breezy morning and the galleon might hit a wave and your treasure will roll out." Sayeeda didn't listen. 


Carefully, very carefully, she lifted the lid and took out a beautiful jewelled key, her favourite. She lifted it to her neck but...

"!" The galleon rocked to and fro, fro and to and a huge wave swept over the deck. "!" Sayeeda held on tightly to the rail but the jewelled key slid from her hands. Down, down, down it sank into the deep, dark sea. Sayeeda wept. 


Luckily, a dolphin passed by and heard Sayeeda weeping. "Jump onto my back and hold my fin," he said. "We'll dive down and try to find it." So, they swooped and they swooped through the water. Unluckily, there was no sign of the jewelled key. Sayeeda climbed back onto the pirate galleon and wept again. 


Next, a whale passed by and heard Sayeeda weeping. "Climb onto my head in front of my blow hole," she said. "We'll glide across the sea and look down through the clear ocean water to try to find it." So, they swished and swashed gently across the water. Unluckily, there was no sign of the jewelled key. Sayeeda climbed back onto the pirate galleon and wept even more. 


Finally, a seagull landed on the deck beside Sayeeda. "Jump onto my back and hold onto my wings," he said. "We'll fly across the sea and try to find it." So, they flew high through the gentle breeze and all the seagulls' friends joined them. They flew and they flew until they came to a beach and Sayeeda jumped off the seagull's back. She took a few steps across the sand and... there in front of her was her jewelled key! "Oh, thank you!" said Sayeeda to the seagull. Together, they flew back to the pirate galleon. 


Sayeeda locked the key safely in her treasure box. Then she took the box to her cabin and locked it away in her cupboard. She remembered her father's warning. Never again, would she open her treasure box on the deck. 


Your activities are based on this story. 


Your first challenge is a reading challenge. Can you answer these questions about the story? Remember to answer in full sentences:

1. How did Sayeeda spend her days?

2. What did she like to do best?

3. Why did Sayeeda's father tell her not to open her treasure box on the galleon's deck?

4. What do you think Sayeeda's father said to her when the jewelled key slid away?

5. Why did Sayeeda weep?

6. What happened to the jewelled key when it slid from Sayeeda's hand?

7. What lesson did Sayeeda learn by the end of the story?



What would you put into your treasure chest? Can you list 6 things? Make sure you describe them with some exciting adjectives and noun phrases. If you have time, draw your treasure chest along with the things you will put inside. Remember, the things you put inside must be very precious and special to you.

Here is the beginning of my list:

1. The love from my family. 

2. The laughs from my friends. 

3. The silver small key to my first home. 

4. A soft lock of fur from my favourite pet. 



Can you make a treasure map to show Sayeeda where to find her key? We don't know much about the beach she found her key on, so you can use your imagination to help you. Here are some examples.



Today, I would like you to pretend you are Sayeeda and write a diary entry about how she lost her key and the adventure she went on to find it again. What do you think you need to use in your writing? Have a look at my example. 


Dear Diary, 

Yesterday I had an adventure! I was on the deck holding the beautiful key in my hand when all of a sudden a huge wave swept over the galleon and it fell overboard. Daddy shouted, "Shiver me timbers!" 

Luckily, a friendly seagull helped me to rescue my key from a faraway beach. Daddy gave me a big hug when I got back and reminded me never to open my treasure chest on deck again!


Bye for now,

Sayeeda x


Now my diary entry is really short and didn't explain the whole adventure. Can you make yours even better?



Sayeeda also found a message in a bottle on the beach! This was what it said:


"My sister and I are trapped in a cave on Bounty Island. Please rescue us! Beware, Pirate Greeneyes is guarding us. From Sam and Polly."


Can you write a reply from Sayeeda to Sam and Polly? What is your plan of action to rescue them??



Can you create an acrostic poem using your name? Make sure that each line tells us something different about you. You can either just use words, or if you want an extra challenge use sentences. You can decorate it however you wish! Here are some examples.




Additional activities

Have a look at below at some additional activities that you could have a gander at when you are at home. 


-Create a poster about Year 2. What should the new Year 2 children know? 


- Can you create a prayer about our first core value, generosity? Think about what it means to be generous and how you can be generous without spending money.


- Create other artwork about you!