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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


Teacher - Miss Sandy

TA - Mrs Little

Week Commencing Monday 29.3.21


The results of last Friday's Eisteddfod will be celebrated in class,

and these finalists will be shared to parents by Mr Thompson.


Celebrating Success

Stars of the Week

Reading Eggs


Erin for practising column subtraction with exchange.


Alex for transitioning positively.

Investing lots of time:



Completing lots of lessons:



For making progress: 




We use the Power Maths curriculum, therefore kindly watch the short lesson videos which match the teaching strategies used in the classroom at  Last week the children were assessed on their problem solving skills and will now start using their Power Maths book.  We'll continue to focuss on Fractions this week. 






At School

At Home

Friday's - tested in the back of your Homework book.

Please download the Spelling List on the website.  Practise spellings at home on whiteboards, with chalk, magnets, verbally or paper (not in the Homework book to allow space for future work).



Click Spelling Frame above to access free weekly interactive learning for each test.


wc 29/3/21

No spelling test due to shorter week.


wc 22/3/21

Spelling Rule 19 - The /i:/ sound spelt –ey











wc 15/3/21

Spelling Rule 18 - The /ĘŚ/ sound spelt o

































































































































9.00 to 9.15 - Collective Worship


Our value has progressed from Courage to Forgiveness.

10.15 to 11.15 - Maths



Kindly open the Purple Mash ToDos to access the lesson, answers and to upload/submit a single Office Lens PDF of marked work, please note that if there is no link in the table, the resources are via Purple Mash.


Learning Outcome

Power Maths Page

Monday 1.3.21

Unit 9 Properties of Shape

Recognising 2D and 3D Shapes.

Tuesday 2.3.21

Drawing 2D Shapes

Kindly use a ruler in your Power Maths book.

Wednesday 3.3.21

Counting Sides on 2D Shapes


Thursday 4.3.21 See the World Book Day Pick and Mix. NA

Optional Maths on the Move Storyboard to show off your achievements!

Examples below, of sentences wrote to explain what your child did, discovered and enjoyed.

Remember, the storyboard doesn't need to be submitted until it's complete.  Your child adds their image and write about it, as shown in PurpleMash.


Maths on the Move

1.00 to 1.30 - Zoom Call (P4C) Thursday


These Are The Hands Performance Poetry Project


Just in case you didn't look at the ToDo take part in Lesson 1, plus here's link to my previous class performing the poem.


Please watch these short videos, and join in by saying the lines.  Your your stanza's will be shared via Purple Mash on Monday, then you can plan and practice how to perform the your part off by heart.  Ready for your adult to film (landscape orientation) by Tuesday 2/3 (extended to Wednesday 1pm).  We'll have a Y2 Film Premiere when you return to school.


  1. These are the Hands - video read by the Poet Michael Rosin.

  2. Check out the Scottish NHS service perform the poem in a hospital, so you can see what each stanza means.

  3. Here's a video to inspire how to perform the poem.

  4. The poem with music, subtitles and no narration.



Remember to bring along your special jar/box that contains moments to treasure, as you learn to manage your emotions.  You can write a sentence every day, every other day, more or less often to explain how you overcome a tricky feeling or to celebrate an achievement.  Use one of the Colour Monsters colours to sort your feelings.

1.30 to 2.30 - Topic 'Starry Skies'


This term our Starry Skies topic has an Art focus.

2.30 to 3.00 - PE





Well-Being Wednesday


Active PE with Mr Edwards


Remember to complete the Exercise sheet and click on the link to the whole school PE page that follows this table.

PE with Joe Wickes (click photo to access).


GoNoodle Time


(click photo to access).

You choose, because you deserve to be a leader, click on the image to open the family page.

Active PE with Mr Edward


You can use any day, or repeat a lesson you enjoyed to improve your fitness.


If there is no PE link on the PE page, please report to the office and use  



Friday 4/3/21


Daily Timetable - Fridays


Collective Worship



Meet the author via TEAMs link (via Parent Mail).
10:00-10:15 Break  



Reflect on previous Power Maths work, and practise on a whiteboard, perhaps edit misconceptions in your Power Maths book.  No upload required.



Maybe read a religious story, or watch a religious film and discuss.



12:30-1:00 Fun Friday 30 Things To Do before Year 3.


9.30 to 10.00 - Meet an author via TEAMS


Link to be sent on the day.

Friday 5th February 2021

Childrens Mental Health Week



What does that 'Express Yourself' mean to you?


Collective Worship at 9am.


Maybe watch the charity's Royal Patron launch Children’s Mental Health Week 2021,

(click the image to access a short video).



How do you express yourself?

Look and talk about all the different ways the people in the short film express themselves.

(click the image to access a short video).





Apart from our fun Zoom/Teams call today at 11am, today is planned by you!


My suggestions follow.


Thirty Things to Do before Year 3


Friday Freedom


Check out my Thirty Things to Do Before Year 3, which feature nature, art, music, kindness, and other challenges.


All tasks aim to help you express yourself, from now, until the end of Year 2!


Print off, page 1 to help you plan and use page 2 onwards online to record your achievements from now until July.

You’ve worked so hard, during this difficult time.


Maybe have a feet up Friday, watching a film, playing a game, dancing, go for a bike ride or have a bake off.



At the end of the day, children please complete the quiz to share your view and highlights.

If you do any of the suggested activities, email photos (

 for our online Express Yourself Gallery, by 3pm today.































Click the logos to access more information and the login page.

Monday's Read Write Inc books are taken home in plastic folders.


Monday to Friday for daily independent reading challenges.

Friday's Read Write Inc books are returned to school in the plastic folder.

Please continue to use Reading Eggs, as this learning platform features highly effective comprehension, to enhance your child's daily independent reading, retrieval and inference.


Monday's fortnightly maths homework is handed out,  you have 2 weeks to complete it.  Though remember to return your homework book every Friday for the spelling test.

Click the image above to register for a free Times Table Rockstars account and practice 2s, 5s, 10s, and 3s, ready for Friday's weekly times table tests in class.



Important Information


Spring 2021
Topic - Starry Nights (documents to follow)

Autumn 2020