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White Waltham CofE Academy

Ashley Hill MAT

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Ashley Hill

Multi Academy Trust

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Art- We developed our watercolour skills and learnt to make a gradient. Then, we applied this new skills to geography by painting a population density map of Africa

D+T Day- We made electric fans to help Wallace score goals against Grommit. Ask us about how we built the circuit and the materials we used to make the fan propellers

Computing Day- We learnt to use micro:bits and programmed the LEDs to show an animated image

Science- We investigated the diet of different animals by using playdough to represent their waste! Talk to us about how we knew which sample belonged to each animal.

Science- We investigated the digestive system and learnt the purpose of each organ

Art- Our finished clay masks

Art- We made our clay masks and used relief and impression to add details.

Science- We investigated how different liquids affect our teeth. We used eggs to represent the enamel on our teeth.

Science- We found out about plaque on our teeth and how to keep our teeth healthy

Computing- We used Scratch to create shapes and spirographs inspired by patterns we saw in African artwork

Maidenhead Mosque Trip

Immersion Days- Timelines and African flags!