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Year 4

Week beginning: Monday 25th January 2021


Welcome to Year 4!




Hello Year 4!

The classroom has been very quiet without you all, myself and Miss Horrocks are missing you lots! We are so proud of how hard you have worked and I have loved seeing all the amazing work you have completed at home. Home learning may be tricky at times but you are all amazing, so remember to always give things a go and please put in your best effort over the next few weeks.


I am looking forward to seeing you over zoom this week, it was great to hear about all the things you take to space last week! For our zoom call this week, we have decided to set a challenge. A small prize is on offer for each group. The challenge is called: The Great British Space Dinner!

You will need to create an imaginary 3 course meal that astronauts would be able to eat on the International Space Station. As the meal will be eaten in space the food will need to be easy to serve with no crumbs. It might also be nice for the food to have a space theme to it (e.g star/planet shaped items of food). The meal should also be somewhat nutritious as specially trained astronauts will be eating it!

You can write down your meals or draw it out to show on zoom this week.  

Myself and Miss Horrocks are looking forward to seeing what you create! 


Parents and Carers:

I would like to reiterate that the time table below is simply a guide that reflects what we would be doing in class. If it is too much, it is absolutely fine if you do not complete all of the work that is set. The last thing we want is for home learning to be stressful or overwhelming so please only complete what you can at home. 

An overview of learning this week is below. Lessons and tasks will be uploaded to OneNote daily and Monday's learning has been uploaded. Each lesson will include a Video or PowerPoint and will have instructions for the tasks to be completed. Your child is able to complete the tasks directly into the lesson's page on OneNote, however if they would rather complete things by hand that is fine. Information on Spellings and Times Table practise for this week is at the bottom of the class page and weekly tests on Friday will be uploaded to OneNote. 

I will also link the videos, PowerPoints and any other resources you will need below each day, incase there are any issues with accessing them on OneNote.


Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during this time. 


Miss Ross :) 







Below is a time table that we will be following in class. This gives an example of how to organise your learning throughout the day. This time table is only a guide so you don't have to follow it completely. Home learning should not be overwhelming or stressful so do not worry if you cannot complete everything. 

Stars of the week!

Please tune into Mr T's Friday assembly to find out who the stars of the week are. 

This week our stars of the week are:

Florie- for her fantastic effort and wonderful writing in English this week!

Cora- for her hard work and brilliant writing in English this week!

Well done guys!laugh


P.E Exercise Chart

Monday 25th January

Collective Worship: Mr Thompson


We are continuing with our persuasive writing. Today's lesson is researching and gathering information on the skills and qualities needed to become an astronaut. We will be writing letters to Nasa this week, persuading them to let us join their next mission to Mars!


Lesson 1 is dividing a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. You will need your whiteboard pack, Power maths book (pages 33-35).

Guided Reading 

Independent reading comprehension for today's task. 

If you are in a reading group with Miss Horrocks your comprehension is: Walking on the Moon

If you are not in a group with Miss Horrocks, your comprehension is: Famous Landmarks  


We are continuing with Geography this week. Today we will be looking at what human migration is and what push and pull factors are.  


Mr Edwards has filmed P.E sessions for you to stay active at home. 

Monday P.E Lesson

Class Reader

Daily reading of our class book: Cosmic. 

Tuesday 26th January

Collective Worship- Singing Assembly. Pick a song from the collective worship page and sing at home if you wish. 


Today will be your interview for Nasa! You will have to answer a series of questions about what makes you a good fit for the job!


Lesson 2 is recapping dividing with remainders. 

Guided Reading 

Adult led guided reading session reading the next few pages of Cosmic with questions to complete at the end. Please email if you cannot access the lesson. 


Looking at Russia and USA.


Mr Edwards has filmed P.E sessions for you to stay active at home. 

Tuesday P.E video

Class Reader

Daily reading of our class book: Cosmic. 


Wednesday 27th January

Collective Worship: Mrs Bourner


We will begin writing our introductory paragraph for our letters to Nasa today!


Lesson 3 is practising dividing a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number again. 

Guided Reading 

Adult led guided reading session reading the next few pages of Cosmic with questions to complete at the end. Please email if you cannot access the lesson. 




Mr Edwards has filmed P.E sessions for you to stay active at home. 


Class Reader

Daily reading of our class book: Cosmic.


Thursday 28th January

Collective Worship: Mrs Morel


We will be writing the main body and signing off our letter to Nasa today. 


Dividing 2 digit by 1 digit number with remainders using part whole model and written method. 

Guided Reading 

Independent Session.  




Mr Edwards has filmed P.E sessions for you to stay active at home. 

Class Reader

Daily reading of our class book: Cosmic. 


Friday 29th January

Collective Worship: Mr Thompson's celebration assembley 


Times Table test on 12 times table will be on OneNote. 


Group 1 and Group 2's test will be on OneNote. 


In today's R.E lesson, we will continue with our learning on pilgrimages and we be learning about a Hindu pilgrimage called Kumbh Mela



Your child should know which spellings group they are in. 

Group 1










Group 2 









You should spend around 5-10 minutes each day practising your spellings, just like we would be doing in class.

  • Pick a writing style to practise writing out your words (pyramid writing, rainbow writing, bubble writing etc) or make up your own style. 
  • Draw some pictures to help you learn and remember your words
  • Create a collage of each words using lettering from magazines/newspapers
  • Make up sentences or silly stories with your words. Remember to use a dictionary to check the meaning of words you are unsure of.
  • Below are wordsearches with each group's spelling words. 


Times Tables Practise

Each week, there will be a times table of the week. You should spend around 5-10 minutes a day practising your times tables, just like we would be doing in class. We have now covered all of the times tables in Year 4 so will now begin recapping each set. 

This week, you should be recapping the 12 times tables. There will be a test on OneNote on Friday. There are lots of ways to practise your times tables, like watching songs, chanting them etc. I have added some sheets below that you can use to help you practise if you wish to complete them.


Below are videos and tricks that we have done in school to help you learn your 12 times table fast!

12 times table trick

12 times table song





During the first lockdown in March last year, I set the class up on Epic, which is an interactive reading website that has a range of texts. I have compiled a collection of books based on Space that your child could read this week. The word document below provides information on how to log in and access the website. 

Well-Being Activities 

If your child is struggling with the recent change, below are some well-being activities to help.

Glossary of English terms

Christian Value

Our Christian value this term is Courage.