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White Waltham CofE Academy

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Ashley Hill

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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


This week: 10th June 2024


English: This week we finished our information leaflet on either rivers, volcanoes or waterfalls. We have been looking at some technical vocabulary to make it as exciting to read as possible! We have written it as neat as possible with decorations.


Maths: This week we have been learning about the different types of triangles; isosceles, equilateral, scalene and a right angled triangle. We then identified the angles above in these triangles. We looked at lines of symmetry and how to draw reflected shapes.


Topic: This week we have finished our rainforest animal pneumatic devices in Design and Technology. Check out what they look like on the photo page!

Atom Prime Learning Homework:

Mathematics, Guided Reading and SPAG Homework has been set and is due on Tuesday 4th June.

New homework has been set from Tuesday 4th June and is due on Tuesday 18th June.