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Year 4

Week beginning: Monday 5th July 2021 

Welcome to Year 4!




Hello Year 4!

I can't believe how quickly this year has gone and how this week is your last week of Year 4! We have got lots of lovely activities lined up. 



  • No toys/stuffed animals should be brought in from home. 
  • Make sure you have trainers with you in school as we will still be having regular movement sessions each day.
  • Make sure you bring in a water bottle to keep hydrated throughout the day and a piece of fresh fruit or veg for snack time.
  • Please make sure you bring in suncream and sunhats now that the weather is warmer. 
  • Homework will still be uploaded onto the class page for you to complete at home. This week's homework is below. 


Miss Ross :) 








This week for homework, there is just spellings practise, we will be doing our spellings test on Thursday morning.

Spellings Practise:

Spend 5-10 minutes each day to practise this week's spellings. 


This Week in Class:


This week we will be finishing our maths unit on decimals. 


We will be doing some writing challenges in class this week to develop and expand on the writing skills we have learnt this year. 


We will be practising our dance and the songs for the school production. 

Stars of the week! 

Mabel- for her brilliant effort and enthusiasm when practising our dance for the production. 

Harry- for his perseverance and determination when practising our dance for the production. 

Well done guys!

Dojo Winners! 



Your child should know which spellings group they are in. 

Group 1








Group 2 







You should spend around 5-10 minutes each day practising your spellings, just like we would be doing in class.

  • Pick a writing style to practise writing out your words (pyramid writing, rainbow writing, bubble writing etc) or make up your own style. 
  • Draw some pictures to help you learn and remember your words
  • Create a collage of each words using lettering from magazines/newspapers
  • Make up sentences or silly stories with your words. Remember to use a dictionary to check the meaning of words you are unsure of.


Times Tables Practise

Each week, there will be a times table of the week. You should spend around 5-10 minutes a day practising your times tables, just like we would be doing in class. We have now covered all of the times tables in Year 4 so will now begin recapping each set. 







Christian Value

Our Christian value this term is Respect.

Glossary of English terms