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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

School production week! The children have been working hard on costumes, props, songs and dances - they have done incredibly well and I'm sure that Tuesday's performance will be great.


On a more personal note, this will be my last full week with the class and I just want to say what a delightful group Y5 have been and how proud I am as to the progress they have made this year, both academically and in confidence. I wish them all the very best for Year 6 and beyond.


Au revoir,

Mr. Maury.

Key Messages/Updates

  • Times tables

    • Bootcamp group: all times tables

  • Spelling

    • I've looked at the spelling results for the Summer term, and have selected the most problematic 25 words for the end-of-year test. Children will be given hardcopies to bring home with them to practise. The words can be found below in the 'Homework & Spelling' section.

Upcoming Dates

09.07.19 School Play (children to be back at school at 17:00)  
12.07.19 Prize Giving & Class Party  
15.07.19 Transition Week  
17.07.19 Sports Day  
18.07.19 New parents' meeting & picnic lunch  
19.07.19 Leavers' Service  


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Week Commencing 8th July 2019


  • Completing non-chronological reports (NCRs), linked to Science.



  • Review of Y5 requirements for inclusion in writing NCRs.



  • Small group workshops.


For the Summer term:

  • Describe the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird.
  • Describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals.


Art & DT
  • Shading skills (pencil), mask & puppet making.



  • Developing an understanding of the wider world and Africa.
  • Understand position and significance of longitude, latitude .
  • Get a deeper understanding of climate zones and biomes.


  • Learn about the Christian creation story.
  • Discussing whether it is complementary or conflicts with science.

Homework and Spellings


Times Tables:

  • Children are expected to know up to 12x12 by end of Year 4
  • Please support your child by ensuring they have good recall of these times tables
  • Rote/chant learning and repetition is by far the best method, don't bother with online apps and games


I recommend the following website to pre-learn/review/follow-up on the maths taught:


Spellings homework

The words for the end-of-year spelling test are as follows:

  1. applicable

  2. beneficial

  3. borough

  4. ceiling

  5. conscious

  6. deceit

  7. fictitious

  8. guessed

  9. independence

  10. initial

  11. malicious

  12. obedience

  13. past

  14. preference

  15. preferred

  16. receipt

  17. receive

  18. referee

  19. referral

  20. referring

  21. solemn

  22. superstitious

  23. surreptitious

  24. thorough

  25. transferred


Reading for Pleasure

Please ensure that reading with an adult is taking place regularly. It is vitally important to hear your children read and to ask them questions about what they've read: words, meaning and prediction.


To earn the end of term reading certificate, they will need to read four times a week for the entire term.  I will only know if they have completed this task if you sign their partnership books. The 'LF' stamp in their planner indicates that they've met the criterion for the week. They then need to update the Reading Challenge Chart in the classroom - this requires organisation on their part!


The following website may be a source of inspiration for books:



Stars of the Week

Mercy & Rosie: Both for the perseverance with maths and independently extending themselves to become even better!



Class Dojo



The week in pictures...