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White Waltham CofE Academy

Ashley Hill MAT

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Ashley Hill

Multi Academy Trust

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


Year 5 teaching staff:





                                Class teacher - Ms Marskell                                   Teaching Assistant - Mrs Wagadia 



Our learning last week:


This week:


Maths: This week we have completed our new topic negative numbers looking at comparing and ordering negative numbers and finding the difference between two numbers. We have also began our new topic converting unit starting with kilograms and kilometres.


English: In English this term we will be looking at writing an explanation text on how to play pok-a-tok. We analysed what a good explanation text would look like and constructed a success criteria for what grammatical features we would need to include in our own work. We then researched our topic and completed our plans in preparation for starting out independent writes in the coming week.


RE: In Re this term we are looking at what it means to lead a good life. We held a lot of discussion about what it means to use personally and then ranked our priorities as a group.


Science: This week we began our new topic electricity we looked at some key electrical scientists and what they invented and also the symbols that are used universally for electrical circuits.


Music: In music we performed our own compositions on the recorder based on the Mayan Tribe and their use of music for spiritual significance as well as during conflict. 


PE: In PE this term we will be doing dance and athletics.