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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Week Commencing 6th July 2020

Hello Year 5!


I am so excited for this week - I finally get my class back! It's going to be a busy few days because I've planned so many things to get us ready for Year 6; we've got new class rules to make, speeches to write and lots of art to do as well. For those of you coming into school, we are going to be based in the Year 6 classroom so that we have a bit more space and can get used to our new classroom before September. For those of you that won't be returning to school this week, I've uploaded the same activities that we'll be doing in the classroom.


School will look a little different; everyone has their own table, you have to use a specific toilet cubicle and we can't share school supplies (remember to bring in your pencil cases). However, you're the oldest in the school now and I know  you'll get used to the new changes quickly - Year 6 ended up quite liking not having to share things like paint palettes and scissors in the end! 


I have uploaded slightly fewer activities these week because you'll be in school for two days, and have grouped the activities by subject rather than by day. If you're not in school this week, the activities we'll be doing in class are uploaded below for you too. As always, feel free to email any work done at home to


See you tomorrow/Thursday!

Mrs Bain :)

Home Learning Photos
Daily 5
Guided Reading
Activities for Home Learners
Below are some of the activities that we will be doing in school this week. Feel free to have a go at home too and remember to send any pictures to
Activity 1: Speech for Collective Worship Team

Now that you're in Year 6, you can become part of the Collective Worship Team! Here are some of the responsibilities you can expect if you join the team:

- set-up for Collective Worship every day (this means you'll have to get to school on time every day).

- tidy-away after Collective Worship every day.

- control the song words on the projector.

- attend regular meetings at lunchtime with Mr Thompson (usually a couple each half-term).

- help lead Year 1 and Foundation back to their classrooms.

- help plan and deliver special Collective Worships and Church services (e.g. Harvest Festival).

- announce the Stars of the Week on a Friday.

- suggest new songs and dance moves for Collective Worship.

- help with acting during God's Storyteller and Christian Value Collective Worships.

- keep the Prayer Pod tidy.

- be a positive role model to the younger children, demonstrating our Christian Values around school.


Being a member of the Collective Worship Team is a big responsibility and something that's very special to our school. When we return in September, Collective Worship might look a bit different, but the Collective Worship Team will still play an important role in the school. If you are interested in being a member of the Collective Worship Team, write a persuasive speech that includes the following:


- Why you want to be a member of the Collective Worship Team.

- Reasons why you think Collective Worship is an important part of our school.

- Any ideas that you would want to suggest as part of the Collective Worship Team.


Once you've written your speech, you can either send me and Mr Thompson ( a written copy of it or you can record yourself reading it and send it to us. Please send it to us by the end of the day this Friday (10th July). Mr Thompson will announce who is on the team either on the school website or when we return in September.


Good luck!

Activity 2: Speech for School Council and Green Team

We are also going to be selecting two new School Councillors and two new Green Team representatives this week. If you would like to be considered for either of these roles, you need to write a persuasive speech that includes the following:


- Why you would be suitable for School Council/Green Team.

- Ideas that you would bring to School Council/Green Team.


If you've applied to be on the Collective Worship Team, you can still apply to be on the School Council or Green Team. Once you've written your speech, either send me a written version or record yourself reading it out and email it to me. I will announce who our new School Councillors and Green Team Representatives are on the website next week.


Below is a reminder about what the two teams do. You can also have a look at the team pages underneath the "Children" tab on our school website.


School Council:

- Meet once a fortnight at lunchtime.

- Discuss ways to improve our school.

- Gives an opportunity for the children to share their thoughts and opinions about the school.

- Thinks of ways to raise money for charities through school events.


Green Team:

- Meet once a fortnight at lunchtime.

- Discuss ways to make our school more eco-friendly.

- Raises awareness of environmental issues.


Good luck!

Activity 3: Tsunami Art

In September, our new topic is "Natural Disasters" and we will be reading a book that's about a tsunami. In class, we are going to be creating a piece of art based on The Great Wave off Kanagawa to make into a display. You can do the same at home by looking at the piece of art below and creating your own version. In class, we are going to be using a mixture of pastels and poster paints, but you can use any materials that you have at home (pencils, collage, felt-tips etc.) I've left a link to a lesson plan that's similar to what we'll be doing in class too.


Once you've created your piece of art, send me a picture and, if I can, I'll include it on our display!

Picture 1


The children should be logging on to Spelling Frame each day and spend at least 10 minutes practising their spellings. Each child was given their login information to stick in their partnership book last week and I have sent the login information to their personal blog page on Purple Mash as well. Each Friday, the children will be able to take their spelling test in Spelling Frame to see how well they have learnt their spellings. The documents below include the original letter (explains how to log on) and each group's spelling list for Summer Term (this contains the code needed to enter into Spelling Frame). Your child should know which spelling group they are in (we call Group B the "Spelling Squad" in class).

Production Project!
Normally, we would have been ending the school year with DT and art projects linked to the Production. Our production would have been The Little Mermaid (my favourite!) and so I've put some ideas for different projects that will help you put together your own production. Remember to send any photos or videos to