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Welcome to the Year 6 class page, with information on how to support your children at home whilst school is closed. 


Below is a guide on what to do and links to appropriate websites. Please also use this time to create real life learning opportunities such as helping with cooking, gardening, cleaning etc. 


I am missing you all very much and hope to see you all soon!!


Mr T

Daily task 1:

General knowledge.

The children should watch newsround on CBBC and then write a short summary of the news stories that they have heard. This is also a good conversation starter to discuss world events and places. 


Daily task 2: 


The children should go onto times tables rock stars and play or practise for half an hour a day. If you communicate with your friends, you could all log on at the same time and play against each other! 


Daily task 3: 


20 minutes of reading with at least 5 of those reading aloud- discussing, explaining, summarising and hypothesising about what you are reading. 


Daily task 4: 


go to

click on either:

Year 3&4 (if you find spelling tricky)

or year 5 and 6 (if spelling is a strong point for you)

Practise spelling using the tiles or games for 20 minutes a day. 


Daily task 5:


Go to and find the session that has been uploaded for the day. 

Watch the video. 

Complete the work associated with that video. 


Daily task 6:


There will be a daily SPaG and English task uploaded to purple mash, please complete these on the days that they are set. 


Additional Weekly tasks:


Joe Wicks is doing daily PE sessions for children. Please complete these sessions  at least twice a week.


Children who were in school last week, please create an instructional text to explain how to create your smoothie. You can do this either on 2write on purple mash, or on word and upload it onto purple mash. 


If you were not in school last week, please write an instructional text for something you have made at home in the last week. You can do this either on 2write on purple mash, or on word and upload it onto purple mash. 


There will be additional non-core and reading tasks set on purple mash each week that you will have longer to respond to. 

English Tasks for W.C 30.03.20

Below, you can find further instructions for the English tasks that have been set on Purple Mash this week.

Monday 30th March



On Purple Mash, I have assigned a "2Do" task based on sorting words into nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. We've covered these word classes at school before, but the videos below will help you if you need a reminder.


Our writing topic for this week is Easter. For today's lesson, I have set a 2Do called "Easter Sequence Plan". You need to watch the video that's linked below and read the information on the webpage to recap all of the key events that occurred during Holy Week and Easter. Note the events in the order that they happened, adding in extra details that you think will help you when you write about Easter later on in the week.

Tuesday 31st March


On Purple Mash, I've set a "2Do" that's similar to yesterday's task, except this time you have to sort words where a suffix has been added. We've covered suffixes in school before, but you can watch the video below if you need a reminder.


On Purple Mash, I have set a 2Do asking you to pretend to be one of Jesus' disciples and write a diary entry based on an event that happened in Holy Week. Remember to use the writer's checklist to help you with the grammar and punctuation elements that you need to include. If you're stuck, there's an example of a diary entry below.

Wednesday 1st April


Please complete the sheet below.


On Purple Mash, I have set a "2Do" asking you to watch a video about the day Jesus' tomb was discovered empty. Once you've watched the video, you need to write a letter pretending to be Jesus' mother Mary (the woman in the video), explaining to a friend about what she saw that day. If you get stuck for ideas, there's an example letter below.

Thursday 2nd April


Please complete the sheet below.


On Purple Mash, I have set a "2Do" asking you to write a leaflet about Easter. The leaflet can include the information you've learnt about the events of Holy Week and Easter as well as what Christians do to celebrate. You can use any information that you've learnt this week as well as any additional research that you carry out.

Friday 3rd April


Fridays are spelling test day! On Spelling Frame (the details are at the top of the page) complete a spelling test to see how well you have learnt your spellings this week.


Your final writing task for this week is to write a prayer. It can be about Easter, or anything else that you would like to say a prayer for. I have set up a 2Do on Purple Mash for you to write the prayer on.

I have looked through and found the following websites which I have organised by subject:


Maths: - loads of good games and you can select age range – they are American so I would recommend grade 5 or 6 - parents have to sign up for free and there are loads of age appropriate games. - maths games for all year groups, just select which year group


Coding: - Great intro into coding


Geography: - Interactive Geography game, finding countries, capitals and flags, etc. 


History: - loads of history games and information on BBC site


Science: - experiments and scientific information