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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Welcome back, Year 6!


We hope that you had a wonderful Easter holiday. 


Our new topic for this term is 'Full of Beans' which has a key focus on geography. It begins with learning about different types of beans, how and where they are grown, and their nutritional value. We will then go on to learning about beans as a source of energy, energy sources in general, and finally ending with a business enterprise element. 


Our PE sessions will continue to be on Wednesday and Thursday this term.


We are excited to see where our learning takes us! 

Miss Bond and Miss Sawdon


This week's learning

WC Monday 23rd May 2022



In our literacy lessons, we are planning our own narratives based on the story of Ernest Shackleton escaping the ice after the Endurance got stuck. 



We are going to be focusing on problem solving and multi-step problems. 



After finishing our geography we will be moving onto our Business Enterprise project. We will start by creating brand names and logo, before thinking about understanding budgeting and costing.

Stars of the Week

Anton for always being extremely helpful with the outdoor equipment, ensuring everyone puts things away properly. 

Orla for some fantastic mathematical explanations during revision

Dojo Winner



Our homework this term is project based. Each Monday, the children will be told what their project is and their project will need to be brought in on Friday of the same week. 


23rd May Project

What do you want to be when you are older? Create a poster or information pack about the career you want to go into. 

I would like to know; 

- What the career or job is,

- Do you need any qualifications to get into that job? Do you need to go to university? 

- What is the starting salary of the job?

- What are the job responsibilities? 

- What kind of person do you have to be to do well at this job? 

- Why do you want to do this job? 

- A picture of the uniform

Useful Websites

The following websites are still really useful for home-learning.