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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Hello and welcome to Year 6!


The summer term is Year 6's busiest term with lots of trips planned, SATs, our residential and the Summer Production! 


Please note:

We have changed where we dismiss the children from at the end of the school day. To collect your children at 15:20, please come to the back of the Year 6 classroom where they will be waiting. This is to ensure a less chaos at the school gate, providing a safer dismissal for the children.


Our PE days for this term are Mondays and Wednesdays, but please make sure that children bring in their PE kits every day.



Mrs Bain :)




Important Dates

01.07.19 Bikeability

03.07.19 Bikeability

05.07.19 Bikeability

09.07.19 The Lion King Production @ 6pm

12.07.19 Reports going home and Prize giving @ 9.45am to 10.30am

15.07.19 Transition week

17.07.19 Sports day

19.07.19 Leavers' service @ St Mary's Church

Week Commencing 1st July 2019 

Subject information



We are going to be writing non-chronological reports about the life-cycles of different African animals. To begin with, the children will be analysing some example texts and thinking about the different features that are required for the text type. We will then be planning and researching in order wrote our reports.



We are going to be continuing to look at our theme park project and starting the next stage which is looking at the cost of advertising and promoting our theme parks. Already, the children have designed their parks and thought about how much it costs to run. They have really enjoyed the project so far and are looking forward to continuing with it.


Art and Design:

We are going to be continuing to make our puppets for the production. The children have designed a moving cheetah puppet based on the one in the West End. It's going to have moving legs and a moving head, with a child wearing and controlling it. The children will be working in small groups to create the puppet.



We are going to be looking at the life cycles of different African animals and thinking about how they are similar and different. This will involve doing some research.


We are also continuing to rehearse for the production.

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Stars of the Week 

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Dojo Points Winner

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What we got up to last week

Below is a selection of photos from the past week. More photos can be found under the Class Galleries tab at the top of the page.
Picture 1 Carrying out research.
Picture 2 Our trip to the zoo!
Picture 3 Seeing the giraffes.

Homework and Spellings

Project Homework

Due: Wednesday 5th June

Important Information

Book Reviews
In Year 6, we love to read! As a class, we are currently reading Wonder by R J Palacio but we like to read lots in our spare time too. Below are some book reviews that we have written. You can find even more in the Book Nook at the back of the classroom.
Picture 1

A Book Review of Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles by John Washi

Reviewed by Thomas


Star Rating: **** 


Main Character:

Yoda is the keeper of the Holocrons and protects them from the Sith who invades, destroys and kills. Each Holocron has a bit of information from the Jedi past. If any Sith got one, it would be a threat.



In this book, the plot is about someone mysterious entering the Jedi Temple without the alarm system going off. They became suspicious that the unknown person came in when one of the Holocrons went missing and that made a hole of destruction in the Jedi cabinet.


Your Opinion:

My opinion is that I think that the book is amazing and it is a very exciting and scary book with quite a few cliffhangers that set you back and always make you want to read more.



I recommend this book to ages 8-14 only because there are some scary parts that may give younger ones nightmares. It is a great action and fantasy book for those who like that type of book.


Picture 1

A Book Review of Mystic and the Midnight Ride by Stacey Gregg

Reviewed by Molly


Star rating: *****


Main character:

Izzie is the main character. i love her passion for horses and whenever a horse is in trouble, she helps it. She loves horses but her mum doesn't!



In the story, Izzie has a pony called Mystic but he gets killed by a lorry at pony club. After a few weeks, Izzie's instructor gives her a new ponytailed Blaze, but when Blaze almost gets stolen, Mystic comes back to Izzie as a real horse to save the day.


Your Opinion:

My opinion is that this book is amazing because the emotion changes a lot in the book. The author describes the characters very well because when you read the book, you can get an idea on what it looks like.



I would recommend this to horse crazy people because it is about horses. I would also recommend this to people who don't mind crying because there was a part when I started to cry.