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White Waltham CofE Academy

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Ashley Hill

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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


Our learning last week (19th February-23rd February):


This week has been a special week... STEM week! We learnt that 'STEM' stands for science, technology, engineering and maths. We thought of some real life jobs involving each of these and then began our two project for the week which focussed on Design Technology and Computing.


Design Technology

In Design Technology, we watched a Wallace and Gromit sketch called 'cracking contraptions - the snoozatron'. The sketch showed an incredible invention that Wallace had created to try and help him sleep. We decided to have a think about a better way to try and help Wallace sleep and came up with the idea of a mobile. We explored 3 different types of mobiles, a stick mobile, a balance mobile and a cascade mobile. In pairs, we designed, made and evaluated our mobiles.



In computing,  after watching the Wallace and Gromit sketch, we found out more about the making of Wallace and Gromit and that it is created by pictures being taken and then being played quickly in sequence one after another. Using the app 'stop motion' on the iPads, we created our own Arctic stop motion films. We had to think about the set design and storyboard first before beginning and then afterwards we evaluated our films.